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A beard hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body to the face. The most common area to move hair from is the back of the scalp, where hair is typically more resistant to balding. The hair follicles are then transplanted to the face to fill in gaps or create a fuller beard.

Beard hair transplants are a safe and effective procedure for improving the appearance of the beard. The results are typically permanent.
Package $ 2,950 All inclusive FUE Surgery

Hair Transplant Safe Procedure

I need to have pictures from the front top, and back of your head to evaluate and quote a package deal. Whatsapp or contact form to send the pictures.

What is the average cost of FUE Beard Transplant in Mexico?

Beard transplants doesn’t come cheap, and how much it does cost will dependent on many factors: the number
of hair being transplanted, the number of surgical sessions required, and the surgical technique employed. 

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