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Hair Transplant Tijuana

Hair Transplant surgery starting from $ 2,300 usd, best price de hair transplant surgery cost.


Yes. The transplanted hair is removed from one area of the body (donor site) and transferred to another (recipient site). The transferred tissue is not "rejected" as it is not foreign tissue. The transplanted hair maintains it's own characteristics; color, texture, growth rate, and curl, after transplantation and regrowth. The vitality of the grafted follicle is maintained by the rich blood supply to the scalp.

 Originally, large circular grafts containing 15-20 hairs were transplanted resulting in noticeable and unnatural results. We have found that hair grows from the scalp in groups of one, two, and three hair follicles. We transfer these groups of follicles after eliminating the excess surrounding fatty tissue. This allows the grafts to be placed closer together resulting in a denser and more natural result. Hair Transplant Tijuana Mexico


Your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for your hair transplant surgery tijuana y, including guidelines on eating and drinking, smoking, and taking and avoiding certain vitamins and medications. By following these instructions, you will help ensure that your surgery goes smoothly. If you smoke, it's especially important to stop at least a week or two before surgery; smoking inhibits blood flow to the skin and can interfere with healing.

Preliminary blood tests will be taken. You should wash your hair the evening before or the morning of the session. Don't bother to get your hair cut before your session. Surgeons say the donor sites are easier to conceal just after surgery if the surrounding hair is moderately long.

You should arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery (rarely is a hospital stay required). Plan to take it easy for a couple of days and arrange for help if you think you'll need it


The cost of restoring your hair varies depending on the type of solution you choose, as well as the extent of the hair loss you’re experiencing. While cost is a significant consideration when choosing hair restoration treatments, the effects of having great and healthy hair normally outweigh the costs.
Us charges per session/transplant unlike per graft like in the US
ours packages starting from $ 2,300 dlls.

Trasplante Pelo en Tijuana
Un microtransplante capilar realizado puede cambiar tu vida y devolverte la confianza que solias tener.
Precio: $ 2,300 dolares

Plasma FaceLift
The Plasma Facelift is a new groundbreaking, non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure . This revolutionary procedure can drastically reduce the appearance of aging through innovative science and technology.

What Our Fantastic Patient Say

"My experience with  his team was excellent, they explained me step by step the whole procedure, answered all my doubts and during the surgery they helped me to be calm.
The doctor  has a lot of experience in these procedures and his team is very professional and that is what helped make my surgery a success.
Thank you 


Great experience professional staff looking forward to seeing results in a few months doctor is very supportive with post op questions. Highly recommend 

Carlos Romero

"I had very good experience , everybody are friendly and makes you feel very comfortable , great team great team because are was thoroungh in explaining the procedure .
My results so far are great , the location is very close the border in very clean and nice , thank you dr and staff for you honesty , i felt at home.
Highly recommended works very well all are professionals in their work in the deal for me from the beginning to the end and especially with very good results.!"



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